Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Oscar Nomination Morning

Good morning Mo'Nique. Nice work with the announcements, my favorite part was that she fumbled over the word "foreign" in "foreign language film" but was able to announce all the nominees.

The instant reaction is the inclusion of Javier Bardem for best actor for Biutiful (instead of Robert Duvall for Get Low), Joel & Ethan Coen for best director for True Grit (the backlash will probably be that they got nominated instead of Christopher Nolan for Inception), the exclusion of Andrew Garfield in The Social Network (with John Hawkes' Winter's Bone performance presumably taking his place), and Michelle Williams scoring a nod for best actress for Blue Valentine (instead of Julianne Moore for The Kid's Are All Right), and then The Illusionist took the 3rd animated slot instead of Despicable Me or Tangled.

Oh, and Hailee Steinfeld did get placed in the supporting category. Category fraud.

Most of the top 10 nominees seemed a lock, except there were 11 films to fit into the spots, the film that was left out was the film The Town which was nominated in favor of other fringe nominees largely considered to be Toy Story 3, 127 Hours and Winter's Bone.

More thoughts to come, but these are the knee jerk thoughts until I get to look at the rest of the nominees that don't get the telecast treatment.

Of yes, if someone is keeping track of where I have "mispoke this year" I had previously predicted (before the release of the film) that Black Swan would not show up in Oscar's top 10 best films, but clearly award season and the film's success has made it pretty clear for awhile that Black Swan would show up here.

Here's the top 10 best films:
Black Swan
The Fighter
The King's Speech
The Kids Are All Right
127 Hours
The Social Network
Toy Story 3
True Grit
Winter's Bone


Anonymous said...

what's the 10th best film? you only have nine listed. :)

RC said...

I forgot the King's Speech!!! With 12 nominations how did that happen??

I will update it now!

Anonymous said...

yay!! i loved the king's speech!