Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jumping into Psych

With many of our favorite regular shows having final seasons over this past year (24 and Lost), I was more than willing to introduce a new television show to my wife & I's TV repertoire.

After a recommendation of something just enjoyable (non-faddish, awardish, sensationally popular) we've begun by jumping in to the USA series Psych. This show began in 2006, and is expected to begin it's sixth season shortly (multiple seasons always encourages me that the show is worth jumping in's always sad when you begin a show when it initially airs, love it, and watch it fizzle or get canceled).

So after watching the 2006 Pilot episode of season 1, we're interested and ready to jump in.

James Roday's portrayal of the main character (photographic memory, pretending to my psychic) is purely enjoyable, reminding me of a character like Hugh Laurie's House with all the wit and intelligence, with an equal dose of arrogance, yet lacking the bitterness and baggage.

Speaking of House, the pilot also had a role played by important season 4 House character and Mad Man minor character, Anne actress who I'd like to see have more opportunities. Although it looks like her role is limited to the pilot...too bad.

So...this is what we're watching, so you might hear more about this series, and if you haven't seen it and want to join us in watching it, we're just getting started.


Eralel83 said...

We really enjoy Psych. Pretty silly sometimes, but a fun show.

Washeck said...

We love Psych! We were in the same boat and in need of just ONE show to have in common. We're trying to cut channel surfing out of our life and so we signed up for Netflix. We found Psych and have not turned back since then!