Friday, March 04, 2011

Contemporary Smart Phone Protocol: 13 Questions Regarding Cell Phone Ettiquette

I write this post with no one person in mind.

But I have a feeling you will relate.

The explosion of cell phone users of all ages and with all types of social needs and desires creates a huge sudden divergence in what is perceived as acceptable etiquette, protocol, and just general rules of conduct.

Here's the questions that I imagine different people have different "rules" for and I don't think everyone's playing with the same rule book.

Here are 13 Questions for the Current Communication Age

1. If you are with other people and you get a text message, do you check it?

2. If you are with other people and you get a text message do you check it, and respond?

3. If you get a text, do you have to respond? What if there's not question?

4. If there's a lull in the conversation with friends can you get out your phone and play a game with one of your favorite iPhone apps?

5. If you know that someone has a phone glued to their hip and they don't respond to the e-mail you sent to their blackberry should you be concerned?

6. If you call, should you leave a message, or will they call back if they see they missed a call?

7. If you get an e-mail is it better to respond on your phone with a shorter more reactive response or should you wait until your at a desk top computer to write a more thorough and grammatically conclusive response?

8. If your phone is out and your getting an incoming call, can someone else pick it up and tell you who's calling?

9. If you do get a voicemail is there an expected turn around time for a return call on the basis that you do have your phone with you everywhere you go?

10. Is there a standard cut off time for when you can make a call? Send a text?

11. If someone ask a question and the fact can be found on your phone, is it appropriate to do the google search there or should you not cause a break in discussion?

12. Can you respond to a message in one medium (say a voicemail) with a response with another phone medium (say a text message or e-mail)?

13. Can you use your Blackberry in the bathroom?

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