Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Golden Carrot (or, Thoughts on the Palm d'Or)

The Cannes International Film Festival wraps up shortly with a presentation to the director of the best film in competition. The winner receives the prestigious Palm d'Or (which is French for The Golden Palm).

Other international film festivals seem to enjoy there prizes having this same naming convention. In Berlin you win the Golden Bear, and in Venice you win the Golden Lion.

So what if a film festival came to your home town...what type of golden prize might your winner take home?

Today's Parade Magazine listed food festivals across the United States...perhaps this is a good place to start for what your cities prize might be.

Should a festival in Kauai, Hawaii award the Golden Coconut? Or New Mexico award the Golden Chili Pepper? Or in Idaho present the Golden Potato?

And while Gilroy, California could host a festival and award the Golden Garlic Clove award, I think I'd rather Holtville, California award the Golden Carrot.

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