Sunday, May 01, 2011

The NFL Draft, Sports, My Daughter, and My Blog

The above video is one that was taken at our breakfast table this morning before church. My daugter, Linden, really got into football (as much as you can expect for a two year old) this past year, and particularly was fond of TCU quarterback Andy Dalton.

So we shared with her the news today that he had been drafted and would no longer be playing for TCU, but rather the Cincinnati Bangels.

That being said, when it comes to this blog, I normally focus on movies, with an occassional dip into other things that would fall into the cultural realm. Yet, over the past year, I've been toying with the idea of sports coverage - not because I have much to add to the conversation, or because my readers have a tendency towards a sports interest. But instead, because I think my lack of sports knowledge could find it's own comic niche her on Strange Culture - perhaps an effort to throw myself into the conversation in a way I previously didn't care. Not to mention, some of the most interesting times in sports are some of the least interesting time in the yearly film schedule, so perhaps it could work out?

And as for the draft -- I do have a couple thoughts.

1. Sports commentators during the draft are forced to talk for a long time between selections in which really no action is taking place, and there is little too discuss.
2. Sports commentators should have write in boxes underneath their name (similar to jeapordy) in which a record is kept of their guesses (right and wrong) throughout the course of the draft. Viewers seem to have an unusually high level of forgiveness to these sports casters who are consistently wrong in their guesses every 10 minutes.

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