Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Sermon on the Mount

"If you could go anywhere in time where would you go?" The question is one of those generic and awkward what if type of questions. They're the type of questions that take me too long to sort through to give an answer on the spot, because I want it to be right.

Usually (I think) my answer to that question would be to go to the time of Jesus - because, well, frankly, I can't imagine anything better than seeing Jesus during his time on earth. But for some reason, in my head I've always pictured being at the last supper.

But the reality of the matter is, the last supper despite some of it's glorious moments, also seems to carry with it some weighty moments as well that might be too bizarre to experience in hindsight - namely the knowledge that Jesus' death is just days away, and the disciples would probably not have had a clue. Similarly, the betrayal of Jesus by Judas is closely associated with this event.

So for whatever reason, I was thinking about this today, and realized that of all the times in Jesus' life I would want to see would be the early point in his public ministry when he gave the sermon on the mount. This teaching (found in Matthew 5-7) is really so powerful. While many of the teachings might seem less dramatic today, I can only imagine how these teaching were heard on the ears of the first hearers - but even today, some of these teachings are quite unique and powerful. Honestly, it many ways, it gets to the heart of something so unique about Jesus and what it means to follow Christ.

So to bring it full circle, I was thinking about this today, and realized of all the times in the life of Christ, this would be the time I would want to see if I could go anywhere during any time.

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Amy W said...

Doak is preaching through the Sermon on the Mount right now. He's just a few verses into chapter 5. You should check it out. (www.lifepointefellowship.org)