Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Fatherhood Identity

There are a number of things that make up my identity. These parts of my identity come through in a number of ways, and a number of places.

But the "Who I Am" that is most consistently characterized in all parts of my life is a relatively newer part of my identity. It's my identity as a father.

There can be a number of parts of your life that people don't see or know, but it's hard to hide children. Even in the work environment, my "father status" would be a hard to hide.

Tomorrow, my oldest turns three. It's pretty exciting to see her grow-up and begin to see who she is. My second is at four months. And despite only having 3 years in this role of dad, it's incredible role.

There's something strange an age of quick change where jobs, socio-economic status, and towns we live in can change so fast. Yet no matter what happens these little people will always be my children, I will always be there dad, and there is absolutely nothing that can change that.

It's incredible to live in such a meaningful and permanent relationship. And a relationship that changes the way I spend my time, my money, and my energy.

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