Thursday, July 07, 2011

Alias Cast: 10 Years After Alias Premiered

This year marks the 10 year anniversary of the original airing of the TV show Alias (September 30, 2001).

The show, a remarkable success, which intrigued audience off the bat (as creator J. J. Abrams) is gifted in doing.

So 10 years later (and after 5 seasons of Alias) it seems an appropriate time to catch up with the cast, particularly since one of the biggest post-Alias careers ends up coming from the less than interesting supporting player Bradley Cooper.

But let's not rush into Bradley Cooper, I'm covering the shows stars left to right as indicated in the season 1 image above.

Ron Rifkin as Arvin Sloan
Pre-Alias: A minor character performer in a number of shows, while also performing in theatrical productions. Some repeating TV-series work (example, in ER he played Dr. Carl Vuchelic in season 2). On stage, he won a Tony award for his performance in Cabaret in 1998.
Alias: Is he good? Is he bad? One of the shows most intriguing usually bad guy and head of SD-6. Also an unusual fascination with Milo Ramaldi.
Post-Alias: Most notable role has been the part of Saul Holden opposite Sally Fields in the TV series Brothers & Sisters.

Victor Garber as Jack Bristow
Pre-Alias: He started as Jesus in Godspell in 1973, and then stuck to Broadway (4 Tony Award nominations) and a few made for TV movies until jumping back to the screen and TV in the early 90s, and found himself in movies like Titanic and First Wives Club.
Alias: Spy-Daddy of Sydney Bristow with a unique working relationship with his daughter as a CIA guy himself with unique double agent history and some bitterness over his wife's role in their family life.
Post-Alias: A little bit of TV, a little bit of film and voice work, a little bit of stage work. Most notable work has been as Mayor George Moscone in Milk.

Bradley Cooper as Will Tippin
Zilch! (Except for an episode of Sex & The City and as a presenter on the TV show Globe Trekker).
Alias: He's just a good buddy and a reporter who asks to many questions. He's part of Sydney's normal life, then he pushes himself into her not-so-normal spy life and has to be shuttled off to witness protection.
Post-Alias: It was smaller parts in films like Wedding Crashers, Failure to Launch and Yes Man (popular, uncritical favorites), and then it was The Hangover, a huge summer success, then Valentine's Day, The A-Team and the big-budget blockbuster roles haven't ended.

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow
A few episodes of TV and Dude, Where's My Car, and a minor role in Pearl Harbor.
Alias: The star of the show, getting the opportunity to wear wigs, costumes of all sorts, and have emotional breakdowns and violent fight scenes all in the same episode.
Post-Alias: She marries the star of Pearl Harbor (Ben Affleck) and does a couple films, particularly a respected role in the independent hit Juno. Like Bradley Cooper also appears in Valentine's Day.

Michael Vartan as Michael Vaughn
Pre-Alias: European film actor, with some guest TV roles and a few films (Never Been Kissed).
Alias: Sydney's CIA handler, and meaningful "friend."
Post-Alias: Alias remains his biggest role, but currently stars opposite Jada Pinkett Smith as Dr. Tom Wakefield in TNT's medical drama Hawthorne.

Carl Lubly as Marcus Dixon
Pre-Alias: The vetran TV actor with his most notable credit being 95 episodes as Detective Mark Petrie in Cagney & Lacey. Fans might also mention roles in Justice League or the TV movie Buffalo Soldiers or many other roles of this nature.
Alias: Sydney's CIA partner and friend who gets all the fun action sequences alongside Sydney.
Post-Alias: Back to one time appearances in TV shows (Chuck, Grey's Anatomy, NCIS, Criminal Minds)

Merrin Dungey as Francie Calfo
Small TV roles and film roles in EdTV and Deep Impact.
Alias: Sydney's friend who for reasons not worth spoiling doesn't stick around for all five seasons, she also dates Will Tippin. Part of Sydney's not secret agent world.
Post-Alias: More TV single episode performances, plus reoccurring roles on Summerland and King of Queens.

Kevin Weisman as Marshall Flinkman
Single episode performances in TV shows like JAG, Frasier, and Felicity.
Alias: The genius tech guy as SD-6 who helps support the missions with cool gadgets and world's best tech support.
Post-Alias: Single episode performances in TV shows like CSI:Miami, Fringe, and Chuck. Oh yea, the part of 'Hobbit Lover' in Clerks II.


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Anonymous said...

Will and Francie are the most annoying aspects of the Alias show. They are supposed to represent the normal, charming, friends circle, but are just irrating and boring. Furthermore, Will is a jerk for dumping Jenny the way he did, sleeping with her and using her. I kept hoping his character would get killed off.

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