Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What If All of Summer's Movies Were Romantic Comedies, But The Film Titles Didn't Change?

When my wife and I went to see Super 8 she asked what genre the movie was, and I told her it was a Romantic Comedy. She new I was joking, but our little conversation inspires this post, imagining if the movie titles of some of this summer's most popular films were actually title's for chick flcks.

If this was the movie title of a Romantic Comedy....

X-Men: First Class

The Romantic Comedy Premise:
Three hot shot pilots are known to the flight crews across America as The X-Men. Everyone wants to be noticed by them. They exude cool in every way. They're always together, and when they're not, they seem to always be chasing the classiest of females. But only for a good time, of course. Monica (Drew Barrymore) is a cranky flight attendant who seems to be the only one not impressed with the X-Men. So when another flight attendant Jenn (Blake Lively) wants to embarrass Monica, she clues the X-Men in on Monica's feeling about the group and dares them to see which one can get Monica out on a date. When one of the X-Men, Colin (Ryan Reynolds) finally gets her out on the date, he realizes that he really likes her. But will she still like him once she realizes it was all a dare?

Super 8

The Romantic Comedy Premise: If it was the title of a romantic comedy: Dallas magazine releases their list of Dallas' most eligible bachelors and baccalaureates. After the 8 women are placed on the cover of the magazine, two attractive, self-proclaimed goof-offs (Justin Timberlake and Bradley Cooper), who didn't make the list for bachelors, decide to make it their summer goal to spare no expense to try to, between the two of them, go out on dates with all 8 of them before summer ends. But when a Dallas reporter (Anne Hathaway) starts to get wind of this she makes it her secret agenda to make sure they don't meet their goal.

Pirates of the Carribbean: On Stranger Tides

The Romantic Comedy Premise:
If it was the title of a Romantic Comedy: Penelope thought her boyfriend Johnny was taking her on a romantic adventure when she saw the tickets to Florida in his e-mail. Her girl-friends all think he's going to propose, but when he surprises her with a trip to Florida, she realizes he's taking her to Disney World to meet his three children (aged 7, 12, 14) from a previous marriage. They have a breakthrough in their relationship when they all get stuck on the Pirates of the Carribbean ride.

The Hangover Part II

The Romantic Comedy Premise:
If it was the title of a Romantic Comedy: Lauren and Stu where high school sweethearts but after getting drunk, leading up to their high school graduation they have sex, Lauren gets pregnant, but Stu never knew once they go their separate ways. Lauren doesn't plan to ever tell Stu. 10 years later they meet again at their high school reunion. Lauren plays it cool, and Stu engaged to a fashion model from London is the reunions hot shot. Yet, once they start drinking they drop their guard and realize they were always meant for each other. But how will Stu respond when he finds out about the baby?

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

The Romantic Comedy Premise: it was the title of a Romantic Comedy: This sweet independent British romance stars Brenda Blethyn, as aging woman who lives out in a small cottage in isolation due to her photodermatis (allergic to the sun). When a traveler (Michael Caine) has car troubles outside his cottage, he unlocks the secret of this woman's isolated fate, and begins to unlock the secret of her heart, as he teaches her to live, laugh, and love in her world of darkness.

Cowboys & Aliens

The Romantic Comedy Premise: If it was the title of a romantic comedy: This romantic comedy takes place in Yuma, Arizona. Two Hispanic women woo two rough and tumble men to employee them (one working on his family farm, the other at his new restaurant he's starting). These woman present themselves as illegal aliens although they are truly American agents conducting a sting operation for the internal revenue service. The farmer and the agent fall in love where the female agent working at the restaurant does nothing but cause hilarious trouble for the cowboy. Will the female agents rat out their guys, or will they cover it all up, against their better principles, in the name of love.


Fritz said...

lol, really great!

NeverTooEarlyMP said...

This is hilarious, and I'm pretty sure the Super 8 one is already in productions. Or maybe I've already seen it? :-)

Emily said...

Ok- so i'm choking on coffee as i read these but I have one to add...of course. Green Lantern: A young reported (Eva Mendez) receives an unexpected call. Her estranged grandmother has passed away and list her as the only heir. The only gift she ever received from her was an emerald ring. When she reaches the Montana ranch owned by her family she meets Greg (Matt Damon) the ranch hand. Will she discover the secrets plaguing her family's past, and will she finally give into the life and love that has been waiting for her or reject it all?

RC said...

@ Emily - I love your Green Lantern story. I know you'd buy a ticket to see many of these films!