Saturday, August 06, 2011

Melon Talk: Canary Melon

My Little Melon Adventure

At our regular neighborhood grocery store there is always crates full of Watermelon scattered out front and inside the produce section. Cantaloupes get a little section somewhere in the middle of the produce section, and maybe there's some Honeydew Melon's hanging near by.

Occasionally, during peak season there will be a Melon bucket of obscure and random melons.

But when I go to a different market, that I prefer, one with more "earthy values" the melons, although not adorned with a fancy display, are further separated, labeled, and reasonably priced.

So I decided, it was time to delve into the world of melons. And so I decided to share some of my discoveries here with you, in hopes you might decide to go on your own little melon adventure.

Canary Melon

Pictured above, is a Canary Melon. I have purposely put the dissected image in the bottom of this post so that if you have self control, you can revisit the top picture and imagine "what is a canary melon like? What color is it inside? What doe the seeds look like, etc."

With the name canary melon we were not surprised that the inside was light colored, but I think I was surprised at just how creamy white the insides were.

I love this melon. The texture is firm like a cantaloupe (maybe even firmer), but so sweet. Sweet like sugary water, and a little creamy notch of sweetness above honeydew.

The seeds scoop out, you're left with tons of delicious melon and it's just fabulous. Hooray for Canary Melon. Plus, the kids love it too.