Monday, October 31, 2011

Adults are Batman & Kids are Spider-Man

I'm not the type of adult who gets dressed up (or excited) about Halloween - but it is interesting to see how the holiday changes over the years.

I was reading an column in the Jackson Sun (out of Tennessee), titled Good grief, we always had fun on Halloween. In the column, Dan Morris speaks to some of the changes of Halloween, including the significant spending, and inbeds some interesting top Fives.

Morris list the top 5 costumes for adults, kids and pets.

One of the things I found interesting was the two comic characters make these top fives - Batman for adults and Spider-Man for kids.

It doesn't necessarily surprise me - I'd certainly rather show up to a party as Bruce Wayne than Peter Parker, but even still I don't know that I would have guessed these fellows to make the split cut.

Here's the top 5 list from the column:

Top 5 adult costumes this year: witch, pirate, vampire, zombie and Batman
Top 5 children costumes this year: princess, witch, Spider-Man, pirate and pumpkin
Top 5 pet costumes this year: pumpkin, devil, hot dog, bee and cat

Apparently witchs & pirates are for all ages, while adults stay away from the pumpkin costumes.


Anthony said...

"I'm not the kind of adult who gets dressed up..."
I think there are pictures from West Academy that would prove otherwise.

kids clothing said...

Super hero costumes is really trendy during Halloween. Kids love those costumes and are very much fond of it.

Corinth said...

I'm not surprised when I saw Batman as one of the top 5 favorite adult costumes. It's iconic.

Daisy Dee said...

It seems that the adults don't want skinny costumes. The pirate costumes are best for adults, I guess.