Sunday, October 30, 2011

Harry Potter in the Living Room

This a guest post and advetorial brought to you by Marks and Spencer.

These days, you can simulate the cinematic experience in your home more effectively than ever. All you need to do is organize a comfortable room and head to M&S for a sharp flat screen television and clear surround sound system. Then, not only will you have an enviable setup regarding the actual viewing experience, but you will be nicely prepared to gain access to brand new films through premium television programs. Films are moving from the cinema to our living rooms more quickly than ever before, meaning that you can sometimes get new releases on your home screen in a matter of weeks after they leave theatres. For example, one film that most people are most excited for this holiday season as it becomes available is Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows, Part II.

The finale of the Harry Potter film franchise was, perhaps, unlike any event in the history of film. Of course, there are classic old films, brand new blockbusters, and even exciting series like Star Wars and The Godfather trilogy, about which people have been very excited before. But never before has a film marked the conclusion of such a large, monumental worldwide event. Ever since the first book was published, the Harry Potter series captured the imagination and emotion of millions of readers and viewers worldwide – and, as was only fitting, the film series finale had all of the majesty and spectacle it required to bring things to a worthy end.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the finale, in its film form, was being able to see how beautifully all of the actors grew into their roles. One of the most appealing details of the final book of the series was that most of the “good” characters we’d come to love came back, in some capacity, to fight for Hogwarts. It almost brought readers chills to read about Fred and George Weasley flying back to school through windows during battle, or to see Harry commanding the former members of “Dumbledore’s Army” against Voldemort’s Death Eaters. This wonderful series was largely about young witches and wizards coming of age and taking over the fight – and part of what made the last movie so spectacular, and so fitting, was that we were able to see the actors and actresses do the same. Fans of the series watched these young men and women from the time they were grinning children until now, and for many, watching their development and maturity in this final chapter brought to life in an even more real way the transformations that occur in the series. But of course, this was only one aspect of what made Deathly Hallows Part II so special for fans.


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