Thursday, November 03, 2011

The It's-Getting-Dark-Outside-and-There's-No-Good-Movies Blues

The nights are getting darker.

The air is getting colder.

One of the best times of film season is right around the corner.

But alas, there's nothing good out in the theaters.

Currently, half of the top box office films are rotten on the rotten tomatoes scale, and that leaves you movies like Puss and Boots, Paranormal Activity 3, Footloose.

So what do you do when the movies leave you blue?

Watch reruns on Nick At Nite, play video games, revive your exercise patterns, hang out with friends and discuss the good old days, head to a coffee shop and begin the splash screenplay the world is missing, sleep and dream in color, re-watch the classics (or watch them for the first time)?

It seems to me, these days we're watching just a tad bit more TV than we previously did. Nothing incredible, but for us it's been NBC's Parenthood, Fringe on DVD (we just started season 3), usually The Sing-Off, and occasionally we'll see what else is on.

How about you?

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Lorna said...

this year on TV I'm watching Modern Family, Parenthood, Fringe and if I can see it in the daytime, The Walking Dead