Sunday, November 13, 2011

Chicken Soup With Rice & Really Rosie

I'm having kindergarten flashbacks the past week or so and one of the memories that has flashed in my brain is the memory of singing on some degree of regularity the song "Chicken Soup With Rice" by Carole King.

I recently pulled up the YouTube video with animation (and lyrics) by Maurice Sendak (author of Where the Wild Things Are) and watched it with my three year old. It brought back great memories, and she loves it as well.

But today, we found footage on YouTube of the 1975 CBS Special footage of "Really Rosie" which this short was a part of, and enjoyed all the songs, including "One Was Johnny," "Alligators All Around," and "Pierre" (The boy who always says "I don't care" and gets eaten by the lion).

I love when there's something like this that me and my daughter can watch or read that captures both of our creativity and attention.

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