Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Finding The Deal (even if it's one in a million)

Can you find the red puzzle piece?

I can tell the holidays are coming because my e-mail and mailbox is flooding with advertisements.

Some catalogues and e-mails are reminders of previous events, gifts, and purchases. "Oh yes, I do remember buying something from this company five or so years ago, they send me these e-mails every year."

While other times you wonder, how in the world did I get this e-mail for discounted plants and porcelain dolls.

And honestly, I don't want any of it - I don't want the 15% off deal to a store I don't shop, or the today only special on Slimming Exercise Hot Pants.

Yet, I'm torn between ignoring it all or looking for the red puzzle piece.

It is the holiday season, and I'm going to buy stuff, and who wants to spend more than you half too?

I remember last year I went shopping some place and saw every single person in line with a coupon, and felt foolish for paying full price.

And so it begins - the choice to pay attention for that magic 4 hour sale or ignore it and just do it how you want to do it, at the cost of missing a magic sale, but perhaps preserving my sanity.

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