Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Battleship Board Game to Movie

I certainly remember playing Battleship as a kid - it wasn't the talking battleship version ("You Sunk My Battleship") and it wasn't the original old school paper version.

But for me the vision of the Battleship game always seemed to be a war context with coordinates being used to send torpedoes or other ship related weapons to sink the ships. Perhaps the ships are masked in fog or conditions that require coordinate precision instead of the ability to judge by sight alone.

So, I'm not sure that you are allowed to have expectations when a simple board game is turned into a feature length film. Yet, the science fiction element and the previews for this film (which looks like a boring version of Transformers), certainly doesn't meet my exceptions.

I just hope Peter Berg doesn't direct more sci-fi version of games. I can only horrifically imagine an alien version of Risk, or shape shifters buying up houses on Boardwalk in Monopoly.

I have a feeling you agree.

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