Wednesday, July 04, 2012

4th of July, Young Children & Firework Ban

Fourth of July is an interesting holiday, and knowing how to celebrate it is often challenging. I shared this thought a few years back.

Over the past couple of years we have returned to my wife's hometown and enjoyed a small town fourth of July celebration, which to me is the best way to go to get in the spirit of the holiday, including my appreciation of small town Independence Day Parades.

With kids who aren't quite yet school age, fourth of July also means staying up past their bedtime. Way past their bedtimes, since it needs to get dark before the show begins. And by the time it's over you're sweaty and smell like a rank mixture of sweat, bug spray, sunscreen and smoke.

This year, we live in an area of the country in a severe drought, the result. No fireworks. None in the local area, none shot off illegally from neighbors homes, nothing.

(Side note: Maine residents are in the reverse situation, this year is the first year in decades that fireworks are legal for residents in Maine).

So with the ban in place, the sun has not yet set and the kids are asleep. Since my four year old was asking about fireworks all day we settled for an alternative fireworks display. We watched the 2012 Disneyland show (thank you  for uploading).

Despite being a lousy substitute for the real thing, we turned off the lights in the room and watched it on the iPad the kids loved it with plenty of "ewws" and "awws."

Not to mention, you get Sleeping Beauty's castle in the background.

You can enjoy the show as well. Happy Fourth.

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