Thursday, August 30, 2012


Hudson Taylor, age 21 from From Hudson Taylor In Early Years: The Growth of A Soul by Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor; Morgan & Scott; 1911
Tomorrow, my wife and I will be welcoming our third child, Hudson, into the world, as she is having a scheduled Cesarean section.

Hudson is actually a more "popular" American name based on social security data than the names of our other two children (Linden & Shepherd).

In naming our son, certain names we liked simply didn't seem to fit. Until my wife and I found ourselves attached to the name Hudson, which for us we strongly associated with the name Hudson Taylor, the 19th century English missionary to China.

My wife and I read A RetrospectHudson Taylor's autobiography - which is free for kindle download on Amazon). And our interest in the name only grew.

For us we appreciate the values of Hudson Taylor, not only his faith, but also his willingness to follow God. Hudson Taylor to me, is a practical  and faith-filled adventurer. A man who doesn't just go off into unknown world's and territories, but someone who depends on God, and as soon as he felt God leading would begin preparing himself, often by making significant personal sacrifices in his preparation.

For me, the most meaningful part of Hudson Taylor's story is that as he's preparing to go to China, he knows he must depend on God for everything, which means he gives and lives his life in this preparation.

Our prayer for Hudson is that he too will desire to follow God, how God leads, with full dependence. We also trust that he is not our own, but instead entrusted to our care. We too need to allow God to take him on the path he has laid for him, no matter how conventional or not that might look.