Thursday, August 30, 2012

William Close Encounter

William Close on America's Got Talent Season 7
Last night after watching Paul Ryan's speech during the Republican National Convention, NBC switches over to a semi-finale show for America's Got Talent. They show a clip from the previous night and suddenly I have a quick flashback.

The performance is by William Close playing the Earth Harp, and instrument and musician I recognized from year's back and discussed here on StrangeCultureBlog.

Over 6 years ago, I saw this musician perform in downtown Fort Worth at their Mainstreet Arts Festival.

It was a pretty neat experience to have that sort recognition and be able to pull up my post to pull together the pieces. William Close is the artistic director of MASS ensemble, and I remember my fascination at the performances, the sound and musical/visual creativity.

I have to say, I wish William Close the best, and commend his diligence to continue his passionate artistry.

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SNAPPS said...

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