Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Favorite Films From Years That End in "3"

In celebration of the new year, and in spirit of similar posts I did in 20102011 and 2012...

Below are my favorite films from each year of the decade that ends in 3.

1933: Duck Soup (dir.Leo McCarey)
1943: The More The Merrier (dir. George Stevens)
1953: I Confess (dir. Alfred Hitchcock)
1963: It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World (dir. Stanley Kramer)
1973: The Sting (dir. George Roy Hill)
1983: The Right Stuff (dir. Philip Kaufman)
1993: Schindler's List (dir. Steven Spielberg)
2003: In America (dir. Jim Sheridan)

If there's some of these you haven't seen...see them.

Here's a toast in hopes of great films in 2013.

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