Sunday, January 06, 2013

Largest Collective Movie Preview Groan: Dark Skies

Keri Russell Hitting Her Head Against a Glass Window in Dark Skies
Last night, I was sitting in a full theater to watch Silver Linings Playbook. The previews were necessarily well calibrated to the film we were about to watch, because coupled with the film was a preview for Dark Skies.

The film with star Keri Russell is directed by Scott Stewart and is about a suburban home that appears to be possessed (or the family's been targeted by some type of paranormal event).

Never in my life have I heard a theater crowd collectively groan at the conclusion of the preview and say dozens of audible comments such as "that's just awful," or "what a horrible preview," or "who would watch that?"

This is part of the joy of the theater experience and I love the fact that this awful looking movie warranted such a powerful and audible response from the crowd. This is on my thumbs down list for 2013. I don't expect I'll be seeing this one.

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