Sunday, February 24, 2013

Quick 85th Academy Award Thoughts

Charlize Theron & Channing Tatum Dancing in the Academy Awards Opening
Here's some quick thoughts on tonight's Academy Awards ceremony.

  • Seth MacFarlane - I don't know, sometimes I thought he did a good job and other times...well, he made the night awkward to me. Such as when he introduced Selma Hayek talking about how Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Selma Hayek were beautiful but hard to understand. I felt like Hayek was self conscious during her whole presentation.
  • "Music Theme" - Do the Oscar's really need a theme? And they usually do music, but was a music theme really required? I especially thought the inclusion of the song from Chicago and Dreamgirls was unnecessary
  • Stars Getting a Star Bump -It always seems like certain people get a little star power bump, and it seemed to me that one of those biggest bumps was Charlize Theron who got good red carpet coverage, a dance in an opening scene, and presented an award. It seemed like she was reminding us of who she was. Other stars in this category seemed like Sally Field who seems to have really helped reintroduce herself well through Lincoln.  
  • Surprises - Christoph Waltz (although I imagine voting in supporting acting was very interesting, would love to know how those votes stacked up), and I thought we would see Steven Spielberg not Lee for director.
  • Argo - Here's some post I've done previously that are now relevant to the conversation:
  • My Favorite Moments - Shirley Bassey singing "Goldfinger" and Jennifer Lawrence's acceptance speech (much better than her Globe Speech)
Shirley Bassey singing "Gold Finger" (from Goldfinger, 1964), which incipiently was not nominated for an Oscar for the 1965 ceremony. List of previous James Bond Oscar History can be found here.

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