Monday, February 25, 2013

Drives Me Crazy - Stealing Fountain Drinks

If I'm at any sort of "fast food" restaruant - or a place I stand in line or walk through a line to get my food, one thing has started to drive me crazy and that is the fountain drink stealer.

Scenario: Today at McDonald's
1. Teen walks to counter says "I'd like a water cup" (he doesn't order anything)
2. McDonald's Employee provides Cup
3. Teen fills up cup with Soda

As soon as the "water cup" was requested, I knew where it was going - stolen fountain drink. Forfeiting your own integrity for a little savings on some carbonated water, high-fructose corn syrup and some flavor.

At McDonald's they provided a small cup that had no unique distinguishing factors from their small fountain drink cup.

Yet, even at places like Panera (with their rinky-dink-bathroom-spit-cup-sized water cups) I see people who have filled them up soda.

I'm not one to generalize, but I will admit, these are usually teenage boys. the dollar to get the Coke if you want it.

(Side note: Panera, I sometimes do want water, and wish your water cups were a little bigger, those little one's are obnoxious)

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mae said...

Wahoo fish Tacos gives blue cups for soda, clear for water. Sign on pop machine reminds customers of this, with a note that states if you change your mind, please pay or something like that