Tuesday, March 05, 2013

TV Withdrawal

I don't know about you and your TV schedule, but at our house we've been in a little TV withdrawal.

There's certain shows we watch, often on DVD, and look forward to a new season when it comes out. Most of our shows we watch have ended their TV run with a series finale (example: House MD), and then there are other shows we watch live, namely NBC's Parenthood and Downton Abbey. Both of those shows we watch live have ended their season as well.

In January we watched season 1 of Showtime's Homeland, and season 2 has not yet been released on DVD, before that we had watched the most recent season of Fox's Fringe, and are waiting for the final season. We also watched all the seasons of BBC's Sherlock, but that's not coming back forever, it seems.

So, we truly have nothing we are interested in watching on TV (as far as television, not movies) are concerned, and not even something we're dying to start.

I wish one of the mid-season replacements had caught our eye, but alas, none did. And so, we are experiencing TV withdrawals.

If only there were TV show personal ads: "Man seeks TV Show with fun and engaging personality."

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Loren Eaton said...

There's always Justified. The last two seasons have gotten a bit gritty, but it still has great dialogue.