Sunday, April 14, 2013

Soccer Snacks

My daughter (4 years old) just did a little mini season of Pee Wee Soccer season. It was only four weeks, but something I found interesting is the whole world of post-game snacks.

The group she played with was pretty relaxed, but as I've talked to other parents of toddlers, this seems like a new stressful frontier.

When I did kids sports, I kind of have this memory of getting orange slices and a Hi-C after the game.

In the world of food rules, I honestly would have been fine if they let everyone just be on the own to give there kid a drink and something to eat after the game.

But, somehow the classic orange slices and Hi-C doesn't seem to fly (the orange slices because they're not pre-packaged and potentially not organic, the Hi-C because it's owned by Minute Maid which is owned by Coca-Cola which means parents think it's bad for kids and probably has high-fructose corn syrup in it, even if it doesn't).

So, what's a parent to do?

Becuase snacks didn't come with specific food rules, the snacks and drinks varied significantly. And yes, on her team of 10, one kid was gluten free.

Here's the snacks/drinks she had after her four games.

Week 1: Horizon Organic Milk with Pre-Packaged Apples and Caramel dip
Week 2: Capri Sun with pre-packaged individual Goldfish Crackers
Week 3: Capri Sun with Lays Potato Chips and Sweedish Fish Candy
Week 4: Capri Sun with a Fruit Roll and Fruity Pebbles Treats Marshmallow Treats

Four weeks down, four very different snacks and every one's still alive, and no complaints on our side since we don't have too many food rules (especially when it comes to a one time snack). But it's still interesting and a little stressful as a parent wanting something easy, kids will like, and they're parents will appreciate.


Eralel83 said...

That's interesting, because those snacks aren't exactly healthy...and far from organic.

RC said...

I think this group had more of an emphasis on gluten free than any other health factor/choice (I.e. gluten free over sugar, fat, organic, etc.)

The only week with a non-gluten free snack was week 2 (goldfish).

Week 1 was all organic.

Grete said...

I'm with you - I don't understand why all child activities have to include a snack at all... Why can't activities/sports stand on their own as the experience?
From my limited experience with our kid, when he gets snacks during the day, he doesn't eat his meals well. And when he's given sugar, his behavior changes drastically for the worse. Please stop giving my kid your food then sending him home with me!

Molly said...

I'm with Grete--do we have to have a snack with every activity? That being said, I'm not understanding the Capri Suns. How are those better than Hi-Cs?

RC said...

Regarding the Capri Sun, I didn't really pay attention but they might have been one of the variations they have (they have water ones, lower sugar ones, and maybe even veggie juice type ones...but I'm sure it wasn't a veggie one because I think the kids would have commented on that)

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