Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Forget the Seven-Year Itch, I'm Talking About The Seven-Year Dish

My wife and are just about finished with our seventh year of marriage.

The term "The Seven-Year Itch" can refer to a psychological term suggesting that happiness in marriage decreases after seven years in a relationship - often leading to infidelity.

These types of marital issues are real, and I don't mean to speak lightly (or blow past them) in an offensive ways, but this post isn't about infidelity at all. Fortunately, seven years in, my wife and I enjoy each other more than ever.

That said, I want to speak about another observation about seven years of marriage.

It seems to me that while many marriages might not make it to the seven year milestone, those that do have to deal with the fact that the wedding presents that they received weren't designed to last through the whole marriage, and it seems that during the seventh year we've found ourselves in need of another wedding shower.

Over the year chipped dishes have had to be tossed.

Glasses broken over time have had to be replaced.

Linens have become worn and frayed. The wedding towels are no longer the one's used for display when guest come over.

In the past couple years the coffee maker, the toaster, and the blender have all been replaced.

Lamp Shades have been replaced if the lamps haven't become outdated.

Floor rugs have been rolled up and trashed.

Even the other day I was counting the spoons wondering if the dish ran away with the spoon (or two).

Wedding presents might not last forever, but I'm glad I have a marriage that holds up better than my cups and saucers.

Photo from Apartment Therapy.

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