Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Overheard At The Airport Restroom

My experience has been sometimes my own kids decide to be most chatty in a public restroom.

My wife and I are out of town, so I present to you a conversation overheard in the men's restroom at the airport.

I feel like I've had this conversation a dozen times and appreciated hearing someone else have it.

Dad: Don't forget these are motion sensor toilets so try by to wiggle too min going potty.

Son: Will it suck me in.

Dad: No. If it does flyer while going potty don't be scared.

Son: What are you doing?

Dad: Cleaning the seat.

Son: Why is it dirty. I don't want to sit on a dirty toilet.

Dad: that's why I'm cleaning it.

Son: Did someone pee pee on the toilet.

Dad: just a little, I'm cleaning it up.

Son: Can we use a different toilet? 

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