Saturday, March 25, 2017

Black Mirror Week

Some shows are not for everyone, and would be reluctant to broadcast that everyone I know watch Black Mirror, but I for one find the series absolutely fascinating.

Black Mirror originally aired on the BBC with three episode in December 2011, three episodes February 2013, a stand alone special in December of 2014, and then a Netflix run with additional episodes as a third series released in October 2016 (six episodes, with the promise of six more not yet released).

It seems that as a point of comparison the show most frequently is compared to the Twilight Zone, with stand alone episode exploring dark themes largely based on the unintended consequences of technology.

Having now watched all thirteen of the available episodes I am preparing a week of posts dedicated to Black Mirror, posts that are published will be captured here in this post as an index.

Is Black Mirror for everyone, no -- but there are few shows where each episode has the unique power to get in your head, either eliciting great respect for the creativity and craftsmanship or simply messes with your hear in it's presentation of the technology and the potentials in the not so distant future.

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general125 said...

I've seen a handful. I'm looking forward to your take on the Jon Ham and Dallas Howard episodes.