Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Dangal (2016)

There's a handful of Aamir Khan films in the IMDb top 250 I haven't watched, but this recent one, Dangal, is one had been on my radar that I gravitated towards watching first. This based-on-a-true story of a father who's aspirations for his unborn children (a gold medal in the Commonwealth Games in wrestling) are dashed when his family is filled with daughters instead of boys is an incredibly compelling film. In the spirit of great sports movies, the film does it all right.

My wife and I split the film experience into three sessions (at over two and half hours long), but in watching it I regretted earlier on we hadn't included our 10 year old daughter in the watching experience, but have since shared it with her as well. Our younger boys haven't watched it, because of subtitles, but otherwise would expect they'd enjoy as well. Although the heart of the film, resonates with some parental experiences, but also champions some powerful concepts. Powerful scenes include the turning point for Geeta and Babita talking to their friend who was married off at a young age, some fantastic scenes of perseverance and training (my daughter likened it to Rocky) and so many other powerful scenes from start to finish.

Glad I watched it and can cross it off the list of IMDb top 250 films I haven't seen.

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