Sunday, October 13, 2019

Reading to my kids: Holes

As a kid, I was a big fan of Louis Sachar and was a little too old in the year 2000 when Sachar's Holes first hit the scene. That didn't stop me from eventually reading it (read it because I was helping someone a student later write a character study paper for school), but didn't get a chance to capture the magic. Somehow along the line I also saw the movie.

But, grabbed a copy to read to my kids, specifically thing my third grade son would like the story, but we brought the sixth grade sister and 2nd grade brother along the ride as well.

This book with it's unique characters, witty style, and surprise turns kept all three kids not only highly engaged, but eager to read a little more and consistently interested in seeing what would happen next. As a parent, I loved reading it - there were a couple more complex themes that show up in this story, including some concepts on juvenile crime, race, and authority that were nice to be able to discuss together. But even more so, there is a unique level of surprising complexity with the story containing literary devises of a backstory (Stanley Yelnats family history plays a critical role).

For me, reading this aloud to elementary age kids really captured the magic that I feel like I had missed out on in my earliest engagement here - in many ways, I think this story has the ability to really hold up over time as a modern classic that I really hope has the ability to hold up over time and continue to capture future generations. A true pleasure to read to kids, and one I know that from the title/cover art didn't grab them, but that they quickly became endeared too after only a couple pages.

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