Sunday, January 22, 2006

Bill O'Reilly a bum? Like he even knows.

Did you know that Bill O'Reilly is just a regular every-day guy making no more than the little guy?

At least for some reason, he wants us to believe that he is just a humble member of the middle class.

I was unaware of this, but according to Bill O'Reilly's show, The Factor, Howard Stern is the highest-paid entertainer in American History. (Which is very surprising to me to be honest, not that I disbelieve his popularity, but it seems like some other stars would make more than him).

And in the third part of a three part interview with Howard Stern on The Factor, minor conflict occurs when Bill and Howard clash over the standard of living that people with money should have...

Here's a transcript of how some of that conversation from Wednesday December 14th, went (following a conversation about Howard Sterns Playboy subscription he had at 13)...

O'REILLY: Now, you are a wealthy guy, now and you have a house in the Hamptons, and you go to Nobu and all these swell places. What's that about? I don't do that.
STERN: What, sure you do.
O'REILLY: No, I don't.
STERN: What do you do? You don't have a nice house now?
O'REILLY: I have an OK house, but it's nothing like yours.
STERN: You don't talk about — I live in an apartment in Manhattan.
O'REILLY: Oh, come on. An apartment. You live in a big high-rise. It's...
O'REILLY: I live in a nice house but it's a regular house.
STERN: You don't have a nice house?
O'REILLY: I have regular house.
STERN: You're going to paint yourself as some bum.
O'REILLY: My car's five years old. I live in a regular house. You're living large.
STERN: What's wrong with that?
O'REILLY: I didn't say anything was wrong with it. How do you feel about it?
STERN: Here's my problem with my lifestyle. I'm one
of these guys who works so hard that I don't really have the great lifestyle you
might imagine. I go to bed at 8:00 every night. So I don't go out during the
week at all. We cook at home and we eat and we go to bed. Friday and Saturday
night, no matter how broke I was — I made $96.00 a week for a real long time, I
would always find a place to go, whether is was McDonald's or Nobu. It depends
on what you can afford.
O'REILLY: But now you're going to Nobu with the swells.
STERN: Yeah, but that doesn't make a difference to me.
O'REILLY: Do you like to hang out with these pinhead movie stars? I mean, do you like these people?
STERN: There's some movie stars that I've met that have been
tremendously nice people. I don't have celebrity friends. It's not by choice. I
don't have any friends.

Well so this is just a rediculous clash between two celebrities with unique shows geared towards totally different audiences.

Well...then someone at the New York Times heard this and decided to be a little bit of a whistle blower. This is was written in an article in the NY Times:

Last month, BILL O'REILLY interviewed HOWARD STERN on "The O'Reilly
Factor" (or "The Factor," as Mr. O'Reilly likes to call it; and from now on we
would like to be known as " 'Face").

"Now, you are a wealthy guy now," Mr. O'Reilly said, according to the transcript, "and you have a house in the Hamptons and you go to Nobu and all these swell places. What's that about? I don't do that."

Mr. Stern countered that Mr. O'Reilly certainly did do those sorts of things, which Mr. O'Reilly again denied.

Though Mr. O'Reilly said he wasn't saying there was anything wrong with "going to Nobu with the swells," it certainly sounded like disapproval to our unfair and unbalanced ears.

In any event, on Tuesday night, WILLIAM McGOWAN, the veteran news correspondent, was celebrating the birth of Clarity Media Group, a company that coaches TV personalities. The party was in a side room at Per Se, a little joint in the Time Warner Center where you can get a great nine-course meal for just over $200, and it is already too late to get reservations, though you can try to squeeze in your grandchildren.

Well, look who could be seen towering over the party in the corner, sampling some of the delectable hors d'oeuvres!

Mr. O'Reilly was not speaking to the print media, we were told, as he did not think
there was any way he could come out ahead. So there it was.

Oh, he left with a goody bag.

And So On Thursday January 19th O'Reilly responded to this on air in a very whimpy way saying that he was very disappointed with the NY Times because he only attended the posh event because he and William McGowan had been a friend for over 20 years. O'Reilly claimed that this just further proved that the NY Times was a liberal paper that was getting worse and worse.

Now that's a whimpy & pathetic response. He got called out!