Saturday, January 21, 2006

Will Miss America Be My Friend?

Jennifer Berry, 22 University of Oklahoma student was crowned Miss America tonight.

And so, I had this thought... most college students across America are members of the online community called "facebook" that allows you to have your own personal page listing your personal hobbies and affiliations. In addition, facebook allows you to designate people as friends through a process of requesting them to be your friend. Upon confirmation they're friendship with you is listed on both of your personal pages (which others can view).

So my top secret challenge this evening is to see if Jennifer Berry, the newly crowned Miss America will be my friend.

On Facebook there are only 29 Jennifer Berry's and only one of those is at the University of Oklahoma. (The picture of her from facebook is to the right).

I will let you know if Jennifer accepts me as her friend (I have also sent her a message through facebook congratulating her.

But in case she doesn't accept me as her friend, you always need a back-up right? Or in this case how about a first-runner-up? That's why I couldn't help but request Monica Pang, alumni from UGA and Miss Georgia to see if she might be my friend. (Her picture from facebook can be seen left).