Thursday, January 26, 2006

Trying to Understand Disdain for America

In a Spanish class I teach students began discussing on their own initiation why citizens of other countries didn't care for the United States. The discussion got heated and I encouraged them to write on a note card an answer to the question: "Why do citizens of other countries hate the United States and Americans?"

Here were there answers (I have left the answers with their grammar, wordings, & misspellings):

  • "People hate America because we in other countrys affairs" - Garrett, 17
  • "because of Ego" - Eric, 16
  • "Their jelous of our opportunitys, how we have a gov't, our freedom to do almost anything, how we can choose what we want to do. The only reason another country should/could be mad at America is us not discussing with allies more about invading Iraq. Which in my opinion was and is the RIGHT thing to do. Freedom of religion, voting, running for elections are all good things they don't have." -Nash, 16
  • "WALMART & STARBUCKS" - Timothy, 16
  • "Imperialistic foreign policies. Americans tend to think we are supperior. We are to quick to use violence. Religion is different." -Ross, 17
  • "I think other countries dislike america because we are spoiled with technology and have a large ego." -Tim, 17
There was two girls in the class, both of them said they didn't care.


Spoke said...

I don't like the way your Head of State says things without thinking first. When he said " God is on my side", I almost vomitted. To have the audacity to actually beleive that God chooses sides is one thing, but to think he picked yours, is quite another. At best, WE are on HIS side.
The biggest problem with America in my mind, is the love of power and money,even to the point of marketing Jesus. The Bush administration is the self appointed global police force. They hate it when others appoint themselves as leaders in their own countries calling them tyrants and so on. Truely, Bush is the largest threat to world peace and the biggest rapist of our planet. The Powers running America, are hypocritical and self serving.

Anonymous said...

We have Hollywood, and just look at the lovely produce it foists upon the world.

Honestly, I think America has lost its way pretty badly, but that's so for a lot of Western Civilization.