Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Updates: Miss America, Bubble movie, Kanye West, Survivor, etc.

Here are some updates (largely based on questions or comments I have received):

Post Secret
This site...#3 on technorati's top 100 blogs....updates with new post secrets every Sunday...it's such an intriguing site.

Tootsie Roll Licks
I wanted to share this link as an update to my tootsie roll pop post. Click here to see a Lick-o-Meter which you can purchase for only 6.99 (not including shipping and handling).

Will Miss America Be My Friend?
Miss America, Jennifer Berry has not accepted my invitation to be friends on facebook, which is really sad. Monica Pang, on the other hand did accept my request to be friends as I mentioned in this post. Monica Pang is the real Miss America to me. (Here's my post from when Monica Pang accepted my friendship)

Soderberg's Stirring Up Some "Bubble" Trouble
How did Bubble end up doing in the theaters? Well it only opened on 32 screens (not a lot, but for an independent film...it's alright. It showed at all the Landmark theaters only...the ones that Todd Wagner owns. So far it's grossed just over 145,000 dollars domestically (according to boxofficemojo.com). But that doesn't seem too bad with only a 1.6 million dollar budget...I imagine it should at least come close to breaking even with DVD sales and rentals, not to mention broadcast. Mark Cuban, Todd Wagner, and Steven Soderberg seem to have the money to play around anyways...and this seems like small dough for a little experimentation.

Kanye West just doing his thing & Further thoughts on Kanye West as Jesus
For all his controversy creating...he seemed a little sad after his lack of love at the Grammys. Here's a funny link about Kanye requesting a revised edition of the Bible, including him as a character.

Survivor 12- Panama - Exile Island Prediction
I originally said, before the first episode that I thought Aras, Bruce, Bobby & Sally would be in the final four...so far, I don't see how that combination could ever happen...but all four of those contenders are still in...Not a lot of hope for Sally, but Bruce is still doing great. I commented that I thought Tina would be a crazy character, and I am really sad she was voted off the first episode. I also said Misti didn't have a chance...third week...she's gone...we'll see how I do with my pre-show predictions as this season progresses.

Conflicting Opinions in the Church Sign World
Nicole never commented further about my comment to her, although I let her know on the post that she referenced me in that I was displaying our exchange on my blog.

Petition to Ban Paradise Now
Last Wednesday the petition had 12,267 signatures...less than a week later, the petition is up to 24,624 petitions. Obviously there are people who are offended by this documentary. (Also the comments I have received so far on this post are very unique)

I appreciate being linked on The McElroy Family Experience & getting a comment on my church signs on the blog A Worthy Message.


Richard McElroy said...

So have you actually seen Bubble yet? I've had it on my Netflix list for a couple months now and it's finally filtered it's way to the top. If you did see it what did you think?

Anonymous said...

If you haven't seen Bubble yet, I do recommend it pretty highly. It's a smart, interesting low-key film.

At the risk of engaging in shameless self-promotion, I'll link to my review of it.

Also, to be clear, Paradise Now is not a documentary, but a fiction filmed on location in Palestione. It's a compelling fil, and I'm glad that it is receving some critical acclaim.