Monday, April 03, 2006

Baby Got Back & Other MSNBC tidmits

Obesity epidemic hits child safety seats
Baby's got back (and I'm not talking about Sir Mix-A-Lot). Can you believe some babies are too big for car much so that this is a problem...I can understand fat kindergartners who sneak cookies and live off Kool-aid...but babies who got too much junk in the trunk to use a regular car seat...

I'm not a mom, but my goodness, what are people feeding their kids??
Someone please help me out? How does this happen.

A Dark Day Revisited
I'm way ahead of the curve on this MSNBC/Newsweek April 10, 2006 issue...I published about "United 93" and "World Trade Center" in my post Two of the 1st 9/11 Films Ever. I knew that the movies title was changed to United 93 when A & E did there own movie called Flight 93. But I didn't realize that this show drew in the higher number of viewers in A & E history (5.9 million viewers). This makes me think that the film might do better than I thought.

The mystery of 'The Jesus Papers'
I didn't know about this until my wife e-mailed me this article. But I've written about Michael Baigent a few times on this blog. He is one of the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail, and he is currently fighting a law suit in London over Dan Brown's book The Da Vinci Code (Da Vinci Code Delay? Fact or Fiction?). Baigent and Richard Leigh believe that Brown stole their research and ideas when he wrote his very popular story. Well this article talks about Baigent's new "non-fiction" book called The Jesus Papers where he "uncovers" various hidden stories from the gospels...including the fact that Pilate had rigged a secret situation allowing Jesus to live, there were drugs in the vinegar spounge, and Jesus was removed from the cross actually alive and that he lived much longer after the crucifiction than suggested. The article is very long, but pretty interesting.

But to me the far more interesting thing is it makes me very suspicious of Baigent and Leigh's lawsuit. Even in the first post I wrote on the topic I was suspicious of it being a publicity stunt for Brown's upcoming film and to help resurge the sales of "Holy Blood, Holy Grail." (In fact I noted Holy Blood, Holy Grails sales success, Mini-Update: Da Vinci Code & Name Collision & that Random House has the publishing rights for both books in this post.) But now I also see how Baigent could have had even more interest in the publicity with this book on the horizon.

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glassblowerscat said...

Thanks for the comment on my fledgling blog. I think you must have found me through my guest blog on CMS?

I write screenplays. Two, in fact. One was almost two years ago and never got past first draft. The current one is much more promising; I just finished a third draft.

Feel free to follow my lengthy journey toward successful screenwriter-hood.


Anonymous said...


It is interesting the timing of Baigent and Leigh's lawsuit. Nothing like pushing your own agenda to raise books sells!

I remember reading the "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" book in college and thinking to myself, "Man, these guys have a good imagination!" Nothing but fiction in that book.

Thanks for your response on my site. Blessings!

AWG said...

"United 93" and "DaVinci Code" = lies and disinfo.

RC said...

Andrew...what makes you say United 93 is lies and disinfo?

AWG said...

Just check out Dylan Avery's "Loose Change: 2nd Edition"

Let me know what you think. It includes info on Flight 93.

Anonymous said...

About 40 years ago, I read a book very similar to what "The Jesus Papers" apparently describes. Maybe the title was "The Crucifixion Plot" -- hope that author is still alive and sues the pants off them.