Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Award Season Anticipation

With 3:10 to Yuma coming out this weekend, I'm getting geared up for true award season anticipation. I know half these films are going to fall flat or bomb out, but assuming all goes well, here are the top 10 films and best bets that I hope are great in the final third of 2007.

10. Michael Clayton
9. Charlie Wilson's War
8. Sweeny Todd
7. Elizabeth: The Golden Age
6. 3:10 to Yuma
5. There Will Be Blood
4. Rendition
3. In the Valley of Elah
2. The Kite Runner
1. Atonement


Anonymous said...

Excellent list.

My list would include those and a few more namely "Silk", "The Tracey Fragments", "Beowulf", "The Savages", "Margot at the Wedding" and "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead".

J.D. said...

I want Atonement now!!!!

Michael Parsons said...

Very good list. I am a bit peeved 3:10 to Yuma is doing so well...I didn't want to see it.

Seeing Atonement on Friday...peeing myself with excitement.

Phillip said...

I'm finishing up Atonement this week. What a great novel ... one of the best I've read in recent memory.

Too bad we have to wait until December to get it over here.

jhuber7672 said...

I hadn't realized "The Kite Runner" was being made into a film. The book inspired me to make my journey to Kabul last year. Wonder what the flick will do?

Anonymous said...

I know you're very excited to see your beloved novel, The Kite Runner, turned in to a movie. BUT, if Starbuck's movie marketing in the past is any indication, then The Kite Runner movie will flop at the box office. All the movies that Starbucks have not done well, but hey, it could still be enjoyable in an Akeela and the Bee kind of way...

Anonymous said...

And Starbucks always knows best!

dave grosser said...

Yay. None of these are superhero movies or sequels. I love fall.

(I love summer too.)

RC said...

@ marina...i know a lot of people are excited about the savages, and margot at the wedding, but i'm still holding off on getting too excited about those titles.

@ jd, i feel you man...i'm looking forward to it too.

@ michael, hope you enjoy atonement...why you peeved about 3:10 doing well?

@ phillip, i enjoyed atonement as well. it'll be interesting to see how it matches up novel to screen.

@ ja, wow...that's a big reaction to a book. that's incredible!

@ kimberly, i'll be interesting to see how strong starbuck's pushes it. The Akeelah push was very strong! I did love the vocab flash cards they had in the store. (@ mary ann...i don't have that much faith in starbucks...i think they'll choose winners and losers)

@ dave, i agree...no sequels is very exciting.

jasdye said...

don't forget "the assassination of jesse james..."

however, my favorite and hopeful is "ratatouille". haven't seen such a truly beautiful film in a long time. and i think that if hollywood is as self-bloating as i'm sure it is, it would be an academy award winner, b/c it's about making great art.

but then again, the movie industry (like all industries) is full of talentless sharks and monkeys, all dreadfully afraid of being caught staring down the emperor's non-new clothes.