Friday, October 19, 2007

David Benioff...why do I recognize your name?

Over 9 months ago, I mentioned that Courtney Love had acquired rights to produce Heavier than Life, the Charles Cross book about the life of Kurt Cobain. (Also mentioning Ewan McGregor was an early rumor to plan Cobain).

Today I read that David Benioff has been hired by Universal to write the script.

Instantly I knew I knew the name but what had Benioff written?

Benioff has such a diverse (but small) body of work, with increasingly diverse projects over the next couple years. It makes you wonder if he's going to settle on any genre, or just float.

He currently has only seen three of his scripts hit the big screen: 25th Hour, Troy, & Stay, with his second Marc Forster pic coming out later this year, the anticipated Kite Runner.

In addition to this new announcement to write a Nirvana/Kurt Cobain biopic, Benioff is also the writer of Wolverine, the X-Men series spin-off, as well as Brothers a Jim Sheridan picture about a man who goes missing in Afghanistan.

In addition to all this diversity, Benioff is supposed to also be the executive producer for a big screen version of the sci-fi classing Ender's Game.

Where did this guy come from & how did he start getting such diverse and his caliber gigs?

Benioff, is also minor tabloid material as he and his wife Amanda Peet married a couple years ago (Benioff and Peet pictured above), and gave birth to their first child this past Februrary.

Where does he find the time?

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Dale said...

I hope justice is done to The Kite Runner. It was a great book, it deserves some love. I was a bit disappointed in the trailer because it seemed they gave away too much but I don't rule the world. Yet.