Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Supporting Actor Nods For Old Men?

Many movie plots do not have old men as their central protagonist, but often times old men get juicy supporting parts. Such is the case for many actors who have a shot at securing some of the "old men" spots in this years best supporting actor lineup. Who do you think will get in? Do you think any are extra-nominatable because the academy sees them "due" for a nomination or an award?

The potential "old men" to get nominated:

Hal Holbrook
Into The Wild
(82 years old)
no previous Oscar history

Max von Sydow
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
(78 years old)
1 Previous Oscar Nomination

Armin Mueller-Stahl
Eastern Promises
(77 years old)
1 Previous Oscar Nomination

Phillip Bosco
The Savages
(77 years old)
no Oscar history

Alan Rickman
Sweeney Todd
(Aged 61)
no Oscar history

Tom Wilkinson
Michael Clayton
(58 years old)
1 Previous Oscar Nomination


cube said...

I haven't seen any of these movies (I don't get out much), but I do know some of the character actors.

My vote is for Alan Rickman. He's had so many notable roles, including Severus Snape from the Harry Potter series. Who wouldn't vote for old Snivelus?

Lorna said...

that looks like a photo gallery of my dating pool.

rickman and the guy from Michael Clayton are really too young to qualify as "old men". they're incipient old men.

Michael Parsons said...

Albert Finney in "Before The Devil Knows You're Dead" should be considered as well. Yay for the geezers!

Anonymous said...

I've seen three of those performances (Armin Mueller-Stahl, Philip Bosco, and Tom Wilkinson) and all three were extremely impressive and very awards-worthy. This could be the year of the old men...especially if the Coens hit the jackpot at the Oscars.

RC said...

@ michael, you're right...i should have included albert finney...in fact i had even prepared a picture and everything...oops!

@lorna...i debated on what the old men cut off age would be...i decided to go by AARP standards...50 and up. But you're right, Rickman and Wilkinson both have time and surely more quality work in the future.

@cube, to be honest, i would guess at this point Rickman the least likely of the bunch...but who knows what'll happen once the film actually comes out.

@daniel, here's to the year of the old men!
(and lorna's dating pool)

Darrell said...

Alan Rickman is really 61?? When? How?

Paula said...

Alan Rickman. I have always had a crush on him. I have a crush on a 61 year-old man. That's just weird!

Anonymous said...

Def agree with you on Holbrook, Bosco and von Sydow, but I'm not sure I'd have Wilkinson or Rickman classified that way. That's not to say they won't get nominated, just that I don't view them as in the "old man" slot.