Thursday, May 01, 2008

Download-To-Own: iTunes Works Deals with Major Studios

In April 2006 I did a post on the first movie that was available in a download-for-purchase format, the same day as it's DVD release day. That movie was Brokeback Mountain and it was released through a site called

In July 2006 I posted again on the subject of download-to-own video. CinemaNow continued to trail blaze with anti-piracy technology, as well as lowering the price, and making the playability of these devices more functional. I commend CinemaNow as within a couple of months they trail blazed in the industry that at that point had not yet developed a reasonable demand to work out the twinks with the technology and lower the price. Smaller studios like Lionsgate where more interested in putting themselves out there.

Yet, 2 years since the first simultaneous download-to-own video came out the industry is of downloadable video is continuing to grow. Big news today as itunes will now be offering download-to-own video of all new releases from the major studios. Apple began online rental in January with the major players, but it looks like studios are more eager than ever to boost sales through selling online digital files which can be viewed on iPods, computers, and Apple TV devices. New Releases at this point are set to cost 14.99 while catalogue titles will be cheaper.

The development and growth of this industry has been an interesting one to track. Earlier this year I sold all of my VHS tapes on eBay, but it makes you wonder, how much longer will DVDs or even DVD players be standard (or BluRay for that matter).

It's an interesting industry, and it's interesting to track how the movie industry is adapting and trusting new technology formats and markets.


Jeff Reed said...

Go Apple!

BluRay will be irrelevant by Christmas 2009. Settop boxes like AppleTV and TiVo's Unbox (partnered with Amazon) will rule the world...

Old DVDs will be more likely to stick around longer, just because there are MANY MORE drives out there.

Way to go Technology, RC...

Fox said...

Forgive me, I'm a little behind on tech stuff, but do these downloaded movies contain the special features that DVDs do?

I'm a sucker for tangible product. I still get immense pleasure from going to the video store and looking at the box covers.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.