Friday, May 02, 2008

No Movies*

So this may or may not come as a surprised, depending on how well you're aware of my movie snobdom.

But I avoid movies in the movie theater at all cost during the first four months of the year IF their initial release date was in January, February, March, or April.

Granted, there's an occasional gem, but for the most part these movies are horrible, and there's so many quality movies that are crammed into award season that watching those is a higher priority to me than a Valentine's day Drew Barrymore flick.

After the Academy Awards air, and I've caught the films I'm most interested in seeing, their are always films from the previous year that are being spewed out on DVD, faster than I can catch them. My wife and I usually try to catch up on some documentaries in the spring as well (for example this year we've watched No End in Sight and Helvetica).

Usually, there's a group of friends who drag us to a movie the first couple months or we're spending time with family and the streak is ruined and I see a film from the first four months in the theaters. In fact, I think it always happens.

For example last year it was Will Farrell's Blades of Glory that we ended up seeing with my family.

Another year it was Man of The House and the Interpreter.

Or how about Daredevil...that was a true stinker! (It's friends and family that ruin the goal every year.)

Or 2002 it got ruined the first weekend with the horrible adaptation of Philip K. Dick's story Impostor.

I'll catch some of the films (usually not on purpose) that come out in the first four months of the year on DVD, especially if recommended or capture some interest and sometimes I enjoy them. But the first four month release films risk is just way too high.

Today I am proud to announce I haven't seen a 2008 release film yet this whole year, hitting my goal of no movie in the first four months.

Tonight I will be seeing Iron Man...the first summer blockbuster of 2008. Bring it on! Let the 2008 film season begin.


weepingsam said...

This isn't as big a problem in Boston: this is when last year's foreign films and more specialized films come out. Flight of the Red Balloon, Don't Touch the Axe, My Blueberry Nights, Paranoid Park, Married Life -things like that. I suppose that's consistent with your rule, since they all made the festival rounds last year... Films like that don't often get released at all beyond a certain market, though - maybe they should. They might make some progress competing with whatever dreck gets released in February...

Anonymous said...

I think you're going to like Iron Man alot. It wasn't on my "list of things to see" until all the rave reviews started coming in, and then I just had to see it. I saw it last night and it is really a wonderful wonderful movie. I'm tempted to see it again, actually.

Attila the Mom said...

So how was it? LOL

amy said...

I have a feeling there are a LOT more DVD viewings in your future....

Anonymous said...

I was really interested in Iron Man when it first came out, but right now I don't have much of a desire to see it. Too many other good movies on the horizon. Who knows, maybe we'll make it to it. But it may be a rental...

Am I wrong?

RC said...

@weepingsam, I certainly can see how Boston might draw you out to see some movies like those...but also, you're right by definition those films could be called 2007 films too..those jan/feb releases are just horrible.

@ redison, i did enjoy iron man...i just finished posting 5 reasons I liked it just now...I would love your follow up response.

@ atilia, i loved it, i posted on it just now.

@ amy, true's hard to tell how a baby will effect my wife and I's film viewing habits...but I think you're right...that sunday matinee might be harder to coordinate.

@ jon...perhaps my post on the movie will change your mind. With a budget in mind, choosing your summer blockbusters is certainly a worthy task.

Magnus said...

No sure what you thought of these films, but I thought Zodiac and Breach were good films. Definitely deserving of better release dates. (January and February)

elgringo said...

One film that caught extremely limited release earlier this year (festivals, and one San Francisco theatre for one week) that everyone should see is Jeff Nichols' "Shotgun Stories." When this one gets a DVD release, make sure to check it out.