Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Formal Apology, Please Expunge My Previous Comments (A Pre-Post to Some Gilmore Girl Thoughts)

I would like to think I'm someone who's learning to admit when I make a mistake.

(For example StrangeCulture has admitted errors in predictions related to Academy Awards 2007, predictions related to Academy Awards 2008, Pre-thoughts on the film documentary Wordplay, and mis-identification of Daniel Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood).

So, as I prepare to discuss and share some of my thoughts on the off-the-air WB television show the Gilmore Girls, I felt like I couldn't post without presenting a friend the band aid posted above as a token of an apology and a hope that my record and previous comments on the topic could be expunged.

You see, my wife and I just finished watching Season 7, the last and final season of Gilmore Girls. In fact I have now seen season 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7. (I made fun of my wife for watching season 2 and caught a few episodes, and she had previously watched season 1 live on television.)

And so I first must admit that I enjoyed watching Gilmore Girls. I admitted this last October when I finally succumbed, and found myself not only enjoying the show, but relating to Lauren Graham's character Lorelai Gilmore.

Yet...I must apologize to a good friend Grete Dawn of caLIfe who has posted on Gilmore Girls a couple of times in it's final days as a television show. Each time I was critical.

Grete's first post on the topic:
When the CW announced the date of the Gilmore Girl's final episode, Grete wrote a post where she shared a fan rant she wrote on the shows message board. In this post she exposes her thoughts on issues that she felt needed to be resolved and things she was looking forward to seeing.

Yet, my reply to her emotionally sincere post:
"yikes...sounds like you should stick to watching good television shows."

Grete, my apologies, I can totally see where you were coming from when you wrote this.

Grete's second post on the topic:
When the final episode ends, Grete responds with some heartful thoughts about how she felt the episode ended and how she felt about the characters from Gilmore Girls being a part of her life. I agree with much of Grete's assessment of this final episode...

Yet my reply to her emotionally sincere post:
"Grete, this post is the saddest thing I have ever read. It's sad because I understand how/why you would have these feelings, and the secondly, I'm sad because you're talking about The Gilmore Girls a creation of the WB. Perhaps for Christmas Jon should buy you the complete seasons of "Sister, Sister" to supplement the void."

Grete, how could I say such things. In reality I agree with many of your assessments and wish there was a Season 8 to watch and was sad to see how it all ends.

Grete, please expunge my comments from your mind and let the record show I have changed my position.

Readers, stay tuned for some further Gilmore thoughts.


elgringo said...

I heart Gilmore Girls so much. There, I said it!

Dad said...

HA HA! Jana will love this. She is still holding out hope that the show ending is just a trick, one day it will just start back if she keeps checking the CW.

Speaking of the CW have you watched Reba? or My Wife and Kids?

I actually like these shows. One is a functional black family, the other is a dysfunctional white family. Funny how neither one makes even a feigned attempt at diversity, yet both speak to me where I am.

general125 said...

I give the wife such a hard time for watching this show. I've invested so much of my shaky credibility on making fun of this show. I don't know if I could ever post something like this....

Damn you RC....

Anonymous said...

Now I can add you to my list of people I make fun of for watching this show. It's silly of me, really, because I used to watch Everwood religiously. I know...ouch.

Grete said...

YES! I accept your apology! But more than your public admittance of being wrong (okay, very wrong) about the show, I am GLAD you were able to experience it fully. :)

Maybe our tastes in entertainment media aren't so different after all...

Anonymous said...

So I'm late to the game on my blog reading. Just wanted to say this post made me smile and then laugh :). Way to man up and apologize!

jsalexandra said...

I am a huge fan of the show. I haven’t seen a better thing on TV than Gilmore girls. I like all Gilmore girls episodes because all of them are spot on when it comes to projecting the emotions.