Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Best Pic Predictions: Slumdog Wins Globe, Button Wins Oscar (& A. R. Rahman wins an Oscar too!)

I'm not one to prognosticate Award wins and nominations simply because of past trends between various awards and precursors...


A trend from the past four years is that Oscar's Best Picture winner has been different from the Golden Globes Best Picture Drama winner.

The Golden Globes have chosen to award Atonement, Babel, Brokeback Mountain and the Aviator in the Best Picture Drama Catagory, while the Oscars chose No Country for Old Men, The Departed, Crash, and Million Dollar Baby.

I think this year will be no different with the Globe and Oscar winner being different.

I predict that Slumdog Millionaire wins the award for Best Picture Drama Catagory and the Golden Globes, and that The Curious Case of Benjamin Button wins the Academy Award for Best Picture.

(I also predict that Happy-Go-Lucky wins for Best Picture Comedy at the Golden Globes, although...who's too know what the Hollywood Foreign Press will chose).

Another interesting trend has developed as well over the past three years. Despite the fact that the best picture drama doesn't win the Oscar for Best Picture, it does at least win the Oscar for Best Original Score at the Academy Award's. This is true for the past three Globe Drama winner's Atonement, Babel, and Brokeback Mountain - who's composers went on to receive Oscars.

If this trend continues and my other Globe/Oscar prediction is correct then A. R. Rahman the composer of Slumdog Millionaire's original music will go on to win the Oscar for that catagory.

(A. R. Rahman needs to get nominated first, but I have a feeling with Academy Award nominations role out soon, we will be able to find his name on the list)

We'll see if trends continue, but those are my predictions for the top prizes at the Globes and Academy Award ceremonies (as well as the original score catagory).

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Anonymous said...

"(I also predict that Happy-Go-Lucky wins for Best Picture Comedy at the Oscars, although...who's too know what the Hollywood Foreign Press will chose)."

What are you talking about. What is the Best Picture Comedy at the Oscars? You do realize that there is no category like that at the Academy Awards. It makes me question your predictions in general.

Also, I highly doubt that The Curious Case of Benjamin Button will win the Oscar for Best Picture.

RC said...

@ anon...I have corrected to post...I meant "Golden Globes" in that case...since the Globes split the best pic honor.

I'm sorry my type compromised the view of my post.

I think Benjamin Button will have a default appeal at the Oscars, select groups will go for Frost/Nixon, Milk, and that the Dark Knight, Slumdog Millionaire, and Benjamin Button will take the most votes...assuming those are the 5 best pic nominees (which is how it looks...but who knows...there's always a room for a Doubt or The Wrestler???)

I think technical crowd and acting crowd could chose Benjamin has a similar appeal of Forrest Gump or a Beauitful Mind...Oscar winners.

Will said...

Verrrry interesting. So you're not on the Revolutionary Road bandwagon?
(gotta confess, I'm a little lost this year - no clear winner to me)

RC said... seems to me that revolutionary road is too virginia woolf-esque -- plus it rematches the titanic team in a much less titanic-type of film.

i could be wrong, but i imagine nominations will be limited for revolutionary road at the Oscars.