Monday, September 14, 2009

On The Death of Patrick Swayze

It's hard to believe that Patrick Swayze has passed away at the age of 57 to cancer.

It's been a weird year of celebrity deaths because there seems like so many, with such a variety of names, surprises, and reasons for why those who have gone have passed.

Swayze's death is particularly odd because it was caused by pancreatic cancer that was diagnosed in January 2008.

My wife have been catching up on Season 5 of House, and on medical TV the majority of time people are cured. Yet certain diseases are not about amazing cures, but their fights that sometimes can't be won.

Swayze had admitted that part of his cancer may have come from smoking, but his condition is hardly connected to the Hollywood lifestyle, and he certainly had modern medicine at his exposure.

His death should remind us of our own humanity.

In the film Ghost, one of the major themes is Swayze's character's inability to say "I love you," rather responding in a non-emotional "ditto" to his girlfriend (played be Demi Moore). When Swayze's character (Sam Wheat) dies suddenly, it is in part this failure to communicate his love clearly that leaves him with unfinished business, leaving him as a ghost.

Yet, the reality is, not only are we human, we also won't get the chance to make sensual clay pots to the tune of "Unchained Memory" when we die.

There be many ways to die, but there are also many ways to live. Live well.

May Patrick's family and friends find peace in this time.


Krispy said...

Just a friendly heads-up, there's a typo in the name of his character from Ghost.

If only Swayze could have gone to see Dr. House it would have been curable. And it wouldn't have been lupus.

I was really bummed to hear that the cancer had finally beaten him. Every time I'd see him on TV for the past year and a half I've had this brief "triumph of the human spirit" moment. I was never a fan of his acting, but since early '08 I've become a fan of the man. RIP.

Andrew K. said...

It's like the ending of an era all these stars dying out...As with Krispy I can't say I love his acting...but it still is sad.

RC said...

@ krispy - thanks - it's Sam now, now Saw.

I think that's neat to respect an actor for them over their acting - there's a handful I could easily list where I respect there acting, but not them as a person. It's good to have some on the other side of the fence.

Ron said...

Agreed RC (and hello again).

Jacob said...

Sad day, he's younger than my dad which is crazy. Also I forgot how Gayle is family friends with his family, kind of crazy. And I will always have his memories in Point Break!