Friday, October 23, 2009

"When's That Princess Movie Coming Out?"

"When's that Princess moving coming out," my wife will ask me every so often recently.

I remind her it's coming out in December and she asks/tells "We're going to see that, right?"

My wife has been very interested in The Princess and The Frog, largely because she is very excited about a new Disney princess movie with the look of traditional animation that lines up with her favorite Disney films (Aladdin, Snow White, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty).

Her interest in this film is undeniable.

At the same time, when I am read post by people discussing their thoughts on this films success, it seems like the consensus is that this film will be a failing, in a world where 3D and computer animated graphics are a significant figure in the studio and theater grosses.

Yet, I think this pessimism towards this film might be somewhat unfounded. Sure, it might not grab the same crowd that has Ice Age 3 and Monsters vs. Aliens in the top 10 for 2009 box-office grosses.

It seems to me that this film might capture a similar crowd, that fell in love with Enchanted. My wife typically does not show an interest in any animated films, but the "classic-Disney-style" and princess narrative is creating interest.

The last Disney film that had this animation style was the 2004 flop Home on the Range. When here people compare Home on the Range, the farm film that grossed just barely $50 million domestically, I think they are missing the difference.

So to my wife, and the other girls like her who want to see Disney re-embrace this drama, show Disney you love them. See the movie, bring your book club, your nanny circle, and your church choir. Stop at McDonald's on the way and get the happy meal toy, and maybe even buy some Princess Tiana toys too for the neighbor kids, might be the end of the Disney Princess Films.


Jon said...

The strength of these films isn't going to be animation. It's always about the story and nostalgia. Those are things classical Disney has done very well. Hopefully they can capture it again...

Anonymous said...

@ Jon...I agree. It is the magical Disney pricess stories, songs and fairy tale endings.

I can't wait!

crackers and cheese said...

I'm pretty excited about this two. When I heard last spring that Disney was releasing a traditionally animated, princess musical scored by Randy Newman starring a black character in New Orleans - I was sold. I'm probably more excited about the musical style than the animation and princess aspects, and I'm thankful to see Disney finally feature a black character in one of its animated films.

However, I can't believe that this film comes out in just another month and this is the first time I've watched the trailer. It seems like Disney is doing a horrible job promoting it.