Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Future is Now: 2010

Earlier in the year I discussed the change in this past year's film nominees for best picture by welcoming the 2nd & 3rd best picture nominees from the future (previously only Clockwork Orange, now followed by Avatar and District 9).

It makes you wonder what futuristic films could potentially land a role in the best picture landscape this year.

But the reality is 2010 isn't really looking like a year of much sci-fi.

In addition to Avatar and District 9, last year (2009) featured a ton of films with future settings: The Road, Star Trek, Moon, 2o12, GI Joe, and Terminator Salvation.

2010 isn't looking so "futuristic" in fact so far it looks like all the futuristic films for the year have already been released: Repo Men, Daybreakers, and Book of Eli.

Tron: Legacy, Iron Man 2, and The Adjustment Bureau are definitely sci-fi so perhaps these fit the bill as well? Although I'm not so sure if they take place in the future necessarily. Not that these are at the top of any one's best picture lists...especially mine. [Granted, District 9 was a late arrival to many people's idea as a contender]

All that to say, unless there's a surprise low budget futuristic film that I'm oblivious to, it would appear that last year's double nomination for future features is a thing of the least as this year is concerned.

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