Friday, April 09, 2010

Sperm Donor Comedy

Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Annette Benning and Julianne Moore each play a woman who gets pregnant by artificial insemination with donor sperm.

Both Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez play single women with biological clocks ticking.

For Jennifer Lopez the dilemma comes in when she meets a potential dream-guy (Alex O'Laughlin) in the film The Back-Up Plan. This movie, already seeming to be heavily promoted gives a simple glimpse into the simple comedy that would ensure from a woman trying to hide her pregnancy while she wait to see if she wants to risk the early budding relationship with the truth about the child she's carrying.

Jennifer Aniston on the other finds herself in a different situation in The Switch due out late summer in which her sperm sample has been switched by a male friend (Jason Bateman) without her knowing it.

And then in the world of artistic comedy, we have Focus Features film The Kids Are All Right in which the children of two lesbian women (both inseminated by the same donor sperm) find their donor father in their teenage years (still from film above). Again comedy, but a different tone.

It's hard to tell why this is a comedic theme for the year. And while each of these films are definitely comedy, despite their involvement of bodily fluids, these are not gross-out comedies staring Tom Green, rather these are romantic comedies (in the case of the story of the two Jennifers) are socially-conscious indie comedies (as in The Kids Are All Right).

I'm curious as to why these would come up, is it because people are rethinking family? Is it because women are interested in children but can't seem to find men who are looking to be fathers? Or maybe these studios all have been doing some espionage on the next comedic trend.

Either way, it's looking to be a sperm donor comedy year.

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Andrew K. said...

I think you hit the nail on the head with the thoughts of rethinking family, especially in the case of The Kids Are All Right. It's always a dilemma when sperm donors (or birth parents) want to get back into the lives of their children, and I guess they're rethinking that. On that note it's not a sperm donor film, but Annette's other film this year (Mother & Child) focuses on an adopted daughter searching for her mother, I guess family is in the air.

I'm not too sold on the two Jennifers, but I sincerely hope all goes well for Ms. Lopez. She used to show spots of talent, but her career has gone downhill. Perhaps, if this leads to a success she can get some better roles.