Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Ediaf Piaf & Zimmer's Inception Score

Talking about Mal the other day, and the use of Mal's name in Inception, only gives more reason to share a favorite thing I've stumbled upon as I've read about the film.

As you probably know, Mal's character is played by Marion Cottilard, a French actresses who's largest film role to date has been her role playing singer Edith Piaf in the film La Vie En Rose (pictured right). This role would lead to many awards including the Oscar for best actress.

One of the musical elements used in the film, is the song by Edith Piaf entitled "Non, je ne regrette rien" meaning "No, I regret nothing." This song used for the kick was a song.

Apparently according to a recent Los Angeles Times article, Nolan had planned on removing this song from the film in favor of another to avoid the contradiction that might pop up in people's mind by using an Edith Piaf song in a film staring an actress who was recently acclaimed for playing Edith Piaf.

Zimmer convinced Nolan otherwise suggesting this was an important part of the scoring he was doing.

How did this song impact Zimmer's scoring?

This video might explain that. Enjoy!

Talk about smart scoring, especially as it relates to the story of the film, and the element of time. I'm very impressed with this, as well as the discovery.

You can enjoy this full Inception Score By Hanz Zimmer by purchasing here.

(video discovered here)

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AK said...

I have to admit that was the first thing that popped in my head when I heard it in the movie and one of the first things I said to Anthony after the movie was over.