Friday, August 06, 2010

Field Trip: Museum of Bad Art

Okay, I haven't taken the field trip, but if it were closer I would. I think the idea is INCREDIBLE. I just heard about this today, and the concept of a Museum of Bad Art, is just fantastic to me.

Pictured above is an anonymous piece from the MOBA (Museum of Bad Art Collection) this piece is entitle "Wretch Like An Egyptian."

This art, like most of the pieces in the gallery (with plenty of examples online) strives to find art that clearly has an artistic intention but in the end is an absolute failure.

I love it, and honestly am surprised the collection is a unique treasure. As someone who finds modern art quite interesting, I am frankly surprised their collection isn't fuller, because even some of the work that makes to the nice modern art gallery's too me could be a part of the MOBA...but of course, including those works might just hurt some people's feelings.

Works such as the one's in this post ("More" by Anonymous, found in Trash, and "See Battle" by Viv Joynt) can be seen online at the Museum of Bad Art's Website, at their gallerys in Massachusetts, and in the 2008 published work The Museum of Bad Art: Masterworks.

MOBA, I surely have some contributions of art attempts gone bad.

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