Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chances Are You Are Not A Mega Millions Winner

Chances are you are not a mega millions winner.

After a frenzy of media and gambling frenzy over the mega-millions jackpot (totally over $600 million pre-tax dollars), three winners are splitting the prize and the jackpot is reset to 12 million dollars.

I've never bought a lottery ticket, but for the first time I was tempted. I didn't, but I still paid attention to the energy behind the random draw of 6 numbers.

One of things that I think is exciting about the mega-millions jackpots like the one's we just saw is that they put people in a place where they dream about what they're life would be like if money wasn't an issue.

For some, perhaps the truth comes out about all your evil motives of being a multi-millionaire who can do horrendous things. But for most, there aren't evil motives. For most there are dreams. Many dream of some simple financial freedom (dreaming of those first checks to pay off debt, homes, etc.).

But after the financial encumbrances are shaken off, those other dreams are meaningful as well. Perhaps dreams of giving to their loved ones, great family vacations, and helping out people in need. I read stories up to the drawing of people hoping to help horses in horse sanctuaries, or help out the people in need in their city.

Or maybe you dreamed of trying your hand at writing that novel, or moving to your dream city.

If you dreamed those dreams, then you shouldn't stop because you don't have a 600 million dollar payday didn't come due.

Instead, you should figure out how you might get there (without millions of dollars). I imagine it might mean for many being free of their debts (which would mean avoiding new debts). But for others, maybe money's not even really part of the story, maybe it's fear. And getting over it to do what you dream.

Chances are you didn't win, but if you dreamed what your life would be like with it, you shouldn't stop dreaming...maybe just making the same plans with out the slim to none chances of an incredible gamble.

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