Friday, February 29, 2008

Mike Tyson Says Jamie Foxx Is Gonna Play Him

Apparently Mike Tyson recently said at a youth correctional facility in North Las Vegas: "Me and Jamie Foxx are going to do a collaboration. He's going to play me in my life story. We've talked about it many times."

Now, the thought of a Mike Tyson big screen treatman is interesting in itself, BUT even more interesting with the thought of Foxx playing Tyson.

Granted, Foxx does do bio-pics and do them well, but I also remember reporting that Jamie Foxx was going to play Bob Marley, but then I had to report it as a false rumor (which was sad because I had made a cool graphic).

So while I'm curious in seeing if this Foxx as Tyson film plays out...but I'm going to certainly wait before I spend time in photoshop merging a Tyson and Foxx picture. Instead you get the unmerged pictures. Imagine them merged together, with Jamie Foxx in the front and the scene of Mike Tyson feathered in the background.

Don't forget, Foxx also has bio-pic about Nathaniel Ayers coming out later this year in the music and award baity film The Soloist.

Stay tuned for the rumor next month that Jamie Foxx will be playing Senator Barack Obama.


Fox said...

I like that Jamie Foxx has dipped into drama, and I think he does well, but I wish he would fall back into comedies again.

Will said...

Ha! Actually, Don Cheadle should probably be the one to play Barack. ;-)

Fletch said...

The day I believe a word that escapes Tyson's mouth is...let's just say it's not today.

Funny you should mention the casting of Obama. I just did a post on casting the '08 election. My pick for Obama?'ll just have to see for yourself.

Notas Sobre Creación Cultural e Imaginarios Sociales said...

I read somewhere that Obama had actually chosen Will Smith to play him when the eventual biopic was made.
If there are all these candidates (I'd go with Denzel) it seems he's taking electoral battles to the acting field as well.